4TH International Conference on Application of Information and Communication Technology and Statistics in Economy and Education (ICAICTSEE 2014)
Sofia, Bulgaria
October 24 - 25
th, 2014



The ICAICTSEE-2014 Proceedings are ready !

We have gone through unexpected, unbelievable and painful efforts to bring the completed proceedings to you.

 Please try to forgive us and thank you so much for your patience and understanding!

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 Your ICAICTSEE-2014 Organizers

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Conference Committees I have the honor  and pleasure to invite you to take part in work of the  forthcoming 4th International Conference on Application of Information and Communication Technology and Statistics in Economy and Education (ICAICTSEE-2014) which will take place on October 24 – 25th, 2014 at the University of National and World Economy (UNWE), Sofia,  Bulgaria. The conference is organized by the Faculty of Applied Informatics and Statistics, UNWE.

Due to the current state of scientific development in all spheres of human activity, the constant knowledge and skill actualization of the academia and researchers in the field of Information and Communicaton Technology (ICT) is an obligatory necessity, especially when the world is in a global economic and financial crisis. The definition of long-term scientific research tasks in this area has a strategic importance, which is even more true for young researchers, lecturers and Ph.D. students. The conference aims at conducting analysis of the current problems and presenting results of the ICT application in different areas of economy, education and related areas of scientific knowledge; outlining the existing possibilities for the application of modern ICT tools, methods, methodologies and information systems in economy and education; discusing advanced and emerging research trends with a long-term importance in the field of ICT application in economy and education. The conference will try to establish an academic environment that fosters the dialogue and exchange of ideas between different levels of academic and research communities.

Prof. Dr. Dimiter G. Velev
ICAICTSEE-2014 Chair

News Updates

17 May 2015
Due to unexpected technical reasons,
the publishing of the PDF-version and the Hard-copy version
of the ICAICTSEE-2014 proceedings

are delayed till the end of June'2015.

You all will be notifed by e-mail upon their publishing.

The PDF-version of CAICTSEE-2014 proceedings will be posted here and at

Please do try to excuse us for any inconveniences that we may have caused you.
ICAICTSEE Conference

Dear Colleagues,

The ICAICTSEE-2014 Conference is the next success in its 4-year history !

Simple facts:

ICAICTSEE-2014 Program Committee:

62 members from 31 countries from 6 continents:
- Africa
- America (North & South)
- Australia
- Europe

ICAICTSEE-2014 Submissions

- 94 total
- 56 from Bulgarian participants
- 38 from foreign participants

ICAICTSEE-2014 Foreign Submissions – 14 countries:

- Azerbaijan
- China
- France
- Georgia
- Macedonia
- Malaysia
- Moldova
- Serbia
- Sri Lanka
- Taiwan
- Turkey
- Ukraine
- Uzbekistan


22-OCT-2014  Announcement ICAICTSEE-2014 Program is ready !
15-OCT-2014 SAP Labs Bulgaria has joined ICAICTSEE-2014 as a sponsor.
08-OCT-2014 Musala Soft has joined ICAICTSEE-2014 as a sponsor.
01-OCT-2014 ICAICTSEE-2014 is announced in the official IFIP September 2014 Newsletter (page.16).
26-Sep-2014  IDNC has joined ICAICTSEE-2014 as a partner.
08-Sep-2014 dWare has joined ICAICTSEE-2014 as a partner.
02-Sep-2014 The ICAICTSEE-2014 conference is included in the IFIP's Calendar of Events under Index # 02782.
01-Sep-2014 Kabinata has joined ICAICTSEE-2014 as a partner.
15-Aug-2014  International Scientific Society ITHEA has joined ICAICTSEE-2014 as a partner.